City Pitch Series

Columbus / Indianapolis / Pittsburgh

June 23rd 4 ET / 1PT

Virtual Attendance

Three emerging tech hubs are competing for you!

In times of remote work, people have been exploring new locations for career opportunities or the perfect balance of cost of living and quality of life. In our City Pitch Series, you will hear about the incredible opportunities of three fast-growing tech hubs: Columbus, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh.

Regional leaders will present their case for how their city can help you achieve the best quality of life and lowest costs of living, while opening doors for career opportunities that align with your interests.

This Zoom webinar will unlock direct connections to the leaders and resources in each of the cities. All you need to do is listen, and you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a brief survey. These cities value your opinion and would like to use your feedback to help them grow.

City Pitch // Columbus

AWS, Google, Facebook, JPMorgan Chase and Root Insurance are a few of the leading companies in the region 


Columbus has been hailed as the No. 1 rising city in the US for startups, partially due to the strong venture capital presence in the region


Over 4,000 miles of public walking and biking trails in the city


The average apartment rent across the city is only $1,122

City Pitch // Indianapolis

Salesforce, Genesys, Infosys, Toyota and Subaru have invested significantly in growing jobs in the region


Sports tech is on the rise in Indy, and the city is home to Techstar’s new, high growth sports accelerator


Over 30% of Indy’s tech workforce are transplants, coming to the city for a better quality of life


The median home price in the city is only $153,000

City Pitch // Pittsburgh

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Argo, and Duolingo are a few of the leading tech companies in the region


Three world-class sports teams call Pittsburgh home: the Pirates, the Penguins and the Steelers


Pittsburgh ranks #1 in the nation for direct spending in the arts and is home to a world renowned symphony


The median home price in the city is only $135,000

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Here’s what you can expect during the event 


After a brief introduction, each city will have 15 minutes to pitch you on why you should consider moving there. These cities are going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES, so expect some surprises and special guests!


You will be able to ask anyone a question throughout the session and get a rapid response. You’ll also have an opportunity to provide feedback to the cities on what you liked most.


After the event, you’ll unlock a direct connection with anyone you’d like! This will give you unparralled access to all of the movers and shakers across each one of the cities.

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