A Network of In-City Support

Title Address Description
Austin, TX, USA
Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Denver, CO, USA
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Columbus, OH, USA
Indianapolis, IN, USA
Tennessee, USA
Kansas City
Kansas City, MO, USA
Chicago, IL, USA
Atlanta, GA, USA
Dallas, TX, USA
St. Louis
St. Louis, MO, USA

On The Ground Insights and Connection

Our on-the-ground city directors are available in key cities across the country to support your company’s expansion. These individuals are selected because of their roles as connectors and their experienced knowledge of city offerings.

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Primary Audience:
HR Leadership

Secondary Audience:
City Advocate

Page Purpose:
To educate users on the concept of OAW’s concierge service and encourage contact. 

Content Themes:
Connections: OAW’s city directors have deep contacts within the city and know the business eco system like the back of their hands. They are in a unique position to help businesses make the tough, important decisions that will define the success or failure of their expansion projects. 
Local Info: OAW’s city directors know all about their cities, where the best real estate is, where the best neighborhoods are, etc. This in depth local knowlege takes much of the guesswork out of decision making and empowers companies to make good decisions. 
Expert Guidance: OAW helps lots of companies find new or expanded homes in over a dozen cities. This extensive experinece and the time and attention we show our clients drastically improves results. 

Benefits forward explanation of the concierge service that hits on all the concepts above. 

City Director statement about why they love thier jobs and how they approach helping their clients make the right decisions for their businesses. 

New Content Needed:
-All of the above