The United States has the largest and most dynamic economy in the world, yet many cities around the country are not experiencing the growth effects of a booming economy. Despite technology-enabled collaboration tools that let virtual teams work from anywhere in the world while staying in constant contact, up until now this growth has been concentrated in small geographical areas — such as big tech cities like New York City or Los Angeles, to name a few.

That’s where One America Works comes into the picture. One America Works is dedicated to reintegrating the US economy by connecting growing companies and cities to identify new growth opportunities. This presents companies with an entirely new talent pool across the country while helping cities to expand their local economic success.  Benefits exist for the talent too, who may now live in areas with more affordable housing and experience a higher quality of life as well as career opportunities.

Interested in learning more about what One America Works is doing to reintegrate the US economy? Here’s a sneak peek at the topics covered throughout this article

  • An introduction to the organization’s goals
  • The three key benefits of uniting US cities and companies
  • How One America Works will positively improve the future of this country
  • Who the organization is and what they do

The Primary Goal? To Reintegrate the US Economy

What does it mean to reintegrate the US economy? Simply put, it means introducing growing companies to new cities and regions where they can confidently expand due to existing advantages like talent and infrastructure. Then, as these cities and companies build relationships, they will be connected with new talented people in those areas and can tap into each other’s strengths.

There are so many cities out there with huge potential, but companies continue to invest in the geographical areas that are considered hot spots. The unfortunate result is stagnant wages and slow economic growth for areas outside of these designated hot spots, but also frustration and stagnation for untapped labor capital that has chosen “the rest of the US” as their home. One America Works believes a proactive approach of matching companies within the hot spots to regions across the country will not only benefit their bottom line but will be the rising tide that lifts all America’s boats.

Furthermore, labor capital and resources are already strained in these hot spots given the level of activity and investment heretofore seen; looking outward to other regions will help top companies expand faster, with lower costs and less competition for talent, while reuniting the country around shared goals and values. One America Works has already witnessed the process of reintegration and has seen what companies like Google are doing for Pittsburgh and Salesforce for Indianapolis.

It’s a new movement in our country. A movement designed to bring everyone together again and reintegrate the economy. A movement that One America Works is dedicated to pursuing.

Three Key Benefits of Uniting Cities and Companies

The One America Works model focuses on three key topics that drive its efforts to meet its unified goal: economic divergence is dangerous, working together benefits everyone, and an inclusive economic future should be built together.

1 The Idea That Economic Divergence is Dangerous

If people stop working together, if companies begin to exclude certain geographical groups of Americans from the benefits of economic growth and expansion, the United States will lose its competitiveness and its cultural common ground. Divergence will quickly erode shared values and ideals, hasten cultural divides, and lead to more blame and shame between different groups of Americans.  Some areas will feel they are being left behind while other areas, such as the hot spots we mentioned prior, continue to grow and reap all the benefits. Naturally, suspicion and resent will build for these areas, which could lead to a loss of favor for the tremendous products and services that top companies in those areas are continuing to offer.


2 Working Together Benefits Everyone

When companies work with established cities across the country, they have access to already existing critical infrastructure. There is no need to build new housing, new cultural institutions, or improve transportation methods — most cities are already equipped to support these innovative companies in these aspects. This is appealing to potential employees and eliminates the need for companies to reinvest in some of these infrastructure projects.

3 Build Our Economic Future Together

By working together, innovative companies and forward-thinking cities and towns can succeed like never before. When they learn to leverage the strengths that each brings to the table, we will see our economy continue to soar and expand in the near future. Working together is the only way to bridge the gap in our current geographical setup.

The One America Works model focuses on three key topics that drive its efforts to meet its unified goal: economic divergence is dangerous, working together benefits everyone, and an inclusive economic future should be built together.

Improving Our Country for the Better

So why does this all matter? Well, we all know that these top, innovative companies are always looking for new talent and opportunities. But the problem is, they aren’t always expanding their network beyond the geographical hot spots. That is a disservice to the great cities outside of these hot spots, but also to the companies. They are missing out on entire talent pools by limiting their borders to just a few cities and locations.

The whole purpose of One America Works is to leverage the way we operate so that we can work together. It is a growth playbook designed to bridge the gap between top companies and the cities with the most potential, so that both have the best opportunity for growth.

At the end of the day, setting up a system like One America Works will make everyone more money. Costs are lower and the salaries are higher. That’s kind of cool.

Connecting America Together, It’s What We Do Best

At One America Works, we believe that it is possible to overcome the division in our country. We can do this by working together and building a stronger, more diverse economy that will benefit all Americans. Our work is done at the corporate and city levels, to educate both entities on what can be done to improve their efforts.

We strive to educate growing companies about the fastest-growing cities in the country. Identifying the opportunity for growth and potential for investment in each area. On the other hand, we also assist growing cities to promote their strengths to help attract these corporate investors appropriately. Our goal is to find mutual ground, bring everyone together, and improve the economy from the East to the West coast.

“If you’re a growing company looking for a way to accelerate operations, a city seeking new businesses, or just an interested party who believes in this message, reach out to OAW .”