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As growing companies seek to expand in smart locations, our city analytics, on the ground city directors, and connection events help them succeed. Keep reading for more info on how One America Works helps you connect with great companies.

Connect with Companies Explainer
City Quickviews

City Quickviews

Our city data sheets are a great resource for growing companies. They provide at-a-glance summaries of key metrics including cost, talent, quality of life, and connection as well as insights on recent investments and strategic sectors for cities we have identified for high-growth potential.

City Analytics

City Analytics

One America Works’ City Analytics tool is a data platform built to support companies in the important decisions around expanding offices.  Paired with the concierge service of our on-site city directors, OAW provides the guidance companies need for strategic expansion across the US.


Concierge Quality Support

One America Works has built out a network of in-city support team members and services, that allow companies to quickly gather key information and plug into the local ecosystem. We work hand in hand with local organizations and ensure the local teams get the win.

Virtual Recruiting Event

Virtual Recruiting Fairs

City/Regional focused virtual recruiting events are a powerful tool for local economies to attract knowledge workers and future entrepreneurs to their city.

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Primary Audience:
City Advocates

Secondary Audience:
HR Leadership

Page Purpose:
Encourage the user to contact
OAW via contact form.

Content Themes:
Connectivity: OAW is embedded within many companies in an advisory role. The team can make the connections that power change in your city.
Data-Driven Decision Making: OAW knows precisely what numbers companies are looking at when they’re considering expanding and can help facilitate the right match.

A visual representation of how OAW ties in with companies and how those relationships benefit city advocates (and their cities) This is a complex idea that needs distilled, since users dont’ often read through lengthy explanations.

A clear explanation of the “Services” or products OAW offers both cities and companies: the city data sheets, the city selector tool, and the concierge service- from the perspective of how city advocates can participate in that concierge experience.

A testimonial from a pleased city advocate. Even better if it introduces a success story whitepaper. This testimonials should clearly highlight the role OAW played in making the match between city and company.

A showcase of impressive stats including connections made, moves or expansion facilitated etc.

New Content Needed:
-Visual representation of the role OAW plays
-Services content
-Testimonials featuring OAW