Skilled-Biased Technical Change and Regional Convergence

Between 1940 and 1980 the wage gap between poorer U.S. cities and richer ones was shrinking at an annual rate of roughly 1.4%. After 1980, however, there was no further regional conver- gence overall. This paper quantifies the contributions of skill-biased technical...

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U.S. Cluster Mapping

"The U.S. Cluster Mapping Project is used by governments, economic developers, and businesses to understand and shape the competitive landscape for a wide range of industries.  These data are being put in the hands of local officials, who are using the information to...

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Problems unsolved and national divided

Harvard Business School (HBS) launched the U.S. Com- petitiveness Project in 2011 as a multi-year, fact-based effort to understand the disappointing performance of the American economy, its causes, and the steps needed by business and government to restore economic...

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