Bringing America Together Through Work and Investment

Connecting Talent. Growing Businesses. Thriving together.

At One America Works, we connect fast-growing companies with future-focused cities to help create new economic opportunities. Here’s why we take the future of work so seriously.

Facing the Challenge

The U.S. is still the world’s largest economy, but our global competition is catching up fast. To stay ahead of China, India, and Europe, business leaders in America need to solve a complex problem: how can we create more opportunities for economic growth across America, rather than just in our fast-growing tech hubs?

For every San Francisco or Seattle, there are ten regions like Pittsburgh, Columbus or St. Louis — proud cities with rich histories, hard-working people, and a high quality of life… yet frustratingly limited opportunities for career growth compared to epicenters like Silicon Valley. But there is a solution.

Rather than bottlenecking the tech boom’s economic opportunity in just a few markets and imbalancing the nationwide talent pool, we believe the key to America’s economic future lies in diversifying its opportunities. By connecting the country’s best talent to the best opportunities at high-growth companies and creating new tech hubs and revitalized local economies in the process, America won’t just remain globally competitive — our economic growth will be shared and reach new levels of prosperity.

We believe…

World class talent and resources can be found in every city across America.

Economic reintegration can reunite our citizens, our neighborhoods, and our nation.

When Americans work together, our shared understanding, empathy, and collaboration grows stronger.

Imagine a future…


Where fast-growing companies connect directly with the talent and resources in cities across the country to expand operations.


Where a shared dedication to growth creates a better-connected and more adaptive American economy


Where the innovation and energy of Silicon Valley combines with the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the Midwest to create a stronger, more agile and more collaborative American economy, together.


Where every American feels truly connected — to their work, to their communities, and to each other.


Where the next big company can launch from anywhere, because the talent and tools to build smart businesses faster are easily available in every region.


Where successful companies help create successful communities, and vice versa.

Help Reconnect the American Economy