City Analytics

Great matches. Great decisions.

City Analytics

Compare cities and make data-driven location decisions—for free.

One America Works’ City Analytics is a sophisticated data tool to match growing companies to the cities where they will thrive.

Build your own city ranking list by weighting dozens of variables around cost, talent, quality of life, and connection.






Discover Every City's Potential

Compare cities across America – whether you are opening a new office or just looking for the next place to move.


Collaborate with OAW

Our team at OAW is ready to help you compare cities and narrow in on the location that is best for you, at no cost.


Build your new network

Once you narrow in on a few locations, an OAW representative will introduce you into that city and ensure your move is successful.

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Content Strategy // Visible to admin only

Primary Audience:
City Advocate

Secondary Audience:
HR Leader

Page Purpose:
To promote the benefits of the city selection data and app. 

Content Themes:
Data-Driven Decision Making: One of OAW’s biggest roles as trusted advisor to both cities and companies, is to provide the data necessary to make good matches and great decisions. City Analytics does just that.

Visual representation of the City Analytics tool – either a screen cap video or a selection of screens.

Detailed description of how this tool benefits both city advocates and companies exploring their options

A case study of how the data derived from the analytics app impacted a successful decision.

New Content Needed:
-All of the above