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Potential employees of OAW

Page Purpose:
To encourage potential employees to apply to OAW.

Content Themes:
Doing Good: Today’s well qualifitied applicant is interested in more than just a paycheck. They want to know that their work will have meaning, that they’ll be contributing in a meaninful way to the organization and to the world. Focusing on the mission and the good that OAW has already done and will continue to do will be highly motivating.

Company Culture: Applicants want to know a lot about the type of organization they’re considering joining, from work/life balance expectations to level of expected social engagement. At least a high level explanation of the company culture will help encourage the right candidates to apply

Opportunities for Growth: One of the most motivating aspects of a perspective employer is that they understand and appreciate the need for career progression for their employees. Talking about how the organization will continue to expand and scale will help encourage applicants to apply.

High level descriptions and explanations of each theme above.

Employee testimonial that features information about how OAW empowered that employee to succeed and add good to the world.

High level CTAs for open opportunities

New Content Needed:
-All of the above.