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One America Works is providing more people in more places access to the modern innovation economy. We are creating connection, building trust and unleashing economic vitality in Heartland cities across the US.

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Content Strategy // Visible to admin only

Users arriving from marking channels or from in -person contact with someone from OAW

Page Purpose:
To get users to donate to OAW

Content Themes:
Success: Success encourages donations more than sob stories or urgent pleas. Showing success here makes the user feel as though they can be part of that success- part of the important work OAW is doing.
Connections: OAW has to prove its bona fides here in order to show their ability to scale their successes and make donations worthwhile. The idea that the organization is imbedded in both cities and prime companies is an important factor to this scalability.


High level information and extremely easy to use donation form (which already exists.) We don’t want to crowd out the donation form. Possibly having a donate now button at the very top that brings users straight to the form at the bottom of the page would be useful if they don’t wish to interact with content prior to making a donation.

The concepts discussed above should be visually treatedon the page. Testimonials and statistics are a great way to showcase efficacy and talking about scalability will help give users confidence that their dollars will be well invested.

New Content Needed:
-Mission-oriented testimonials
-Statistics of connections made, companies partnered with, cities partnered with, etc – maybe something that looks a lot like the city data pages
-Simple high level statement of the mission and high level plan for extension