From Iron to Innovation: The story of Pittsburgh


Every city has its unique story, its own innovation heartbeat. Columbus is known for its close-knit “help anyone” attitude. Nashville balances amazing health tech with southern charm, while Pittsburgh boasts a rich tapestry of deep tech talent and entrepreneurial history.

It’s not easy to immerse yourself in these diverse ecosystems, but what if you could dive into one and experience the vibrancy that makes them appealing? One America Works and Innovation Works recently organized a tour in Pittsburgh with 14 venture capitalists from across the country. We also brought along a camera crew to provide you with a taste of what the city has to offer.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

  • Pittsburgh’s Phenomenal Growth: Ven Raju, President of Innovation Works, highlights the remarkable 10x growth in venture capital inflows into Pittsburgh over the past decade.
  • Moonwalkers in Action: Join us for a ride around Carnegie Mellon in the viral Moonwalkers developed by Shift Robotics
  • Recruiting Made Easy: Serial entrepreneur and investor Dietrich Stephan, often referred to as the father of precision medicine, explains how Pittsburgh makes recruiting top talent a breeze. “You just have to get them here,” he says.
  • Surging Connection: Jason Kuo reflects on the growth of Pittsburgh. Fifteen years ago, he didn’t see the same level of entrepreneurial connectedness that exists today. This growth is one reason he’s excited to engage with the ecosystem more as an Atlanta based VC with Tech Square Ventures.
  • A Deep Talent Pool: Founders moving their companies, venture capitalists seeking investments, and business leaders expanding their companies all praise the uniquely deep talent pool with unrivaled hard tech skills that Pittsburgh offers.

We’re thrilled to continue our journey and share the innovation stories of more cities. But, we’d love to hear from you. Which cities would you like us to feature next? Your insights will shape our future explorations.

Thank you for being part of our venture. Together, we’re unlocking the potential of innovation in every corner of our diverse world