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Home to the world’s largest airport, many of fortune 500 companies across the US and a growing center of innovation.



A fast-growing high-tech city with a vibrant art and music scene as well as affordable cost of living. Tech companies large and small thrive offering employment with major tech company and high growth startups. Local venture capital, incubators, and resources for acceleration attract entrepreneurs and innovators.
Built in Austin



The tech scene here has quite the history, but recent years have brought even more growth for fintech and big data. With plenty of museums, music, and food to keep residents entertained, Chicago also boasts 77 neighborhoods, each with its own unique identity.
Built in Chicago



With close proximity to several Fortune 500 companies, the investment climate here is ripe. Columbus is also working smarter, not harder to become the tech leader of smart city technology and increase mobility and connectivity.
TechLife Columbus



Software companies have thrived here historically, and cybersecurity is on the rise. Beyond the successful business scene lies a place where art, education, and sports have deep roots and culture is rich.



Denver has become a competitive market for innovation and values its tech culture of relationships, mentorship, and education. Meanwhile, the snow-capped peaks, diverse food, breweries and vibrant culture made the city an easy sell.



Nicknamed the “Crossroads of America”, Indianapolis is well-connected to other Midwest cities and most of the country. Dozens of B2B tech companies have set up shop and entrepreneurs tend to stay for the long-term.
TechPoint Jobs

Kansas City


Tech companies in a variety of industries have found success in Kansas City, and so have women in tech. Also maintains a great price-to-income ratio and other quality of life factors.
KC Tech Council
Kansas City Women in Technology



While much of the city’s entrepreneurial focus has been around music and healthcare technology, Nashville continues to expand. Like it’s music, the city has a little bit of everything to offer in its growing job market.



The city is affectionately known as “The Connected Place” and has become ground zero for several tech-based industry disruptors. Phoenix also flaunts a myriad of outdoor attractions and relatively low cost of living.



Pittsburgh’s top-tier talent, affordability, quality of life, accessibility, and key industry clusters make it a valuable fit in the growth playbook of expanding companies.

Salt Lake City


Salt Lake City has several neighborhoods with individual startup identities. The vibrant nearby natural environment and varied landscapes appeal to new residents and long-term locals.

St Louis


Startups succeed in St. Louis with a wealth of resources and a connected ecosystem. Residents benefit from a healthy stock of affordable housing options.

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