Cloud-based marketing has risen in sharp popularity in recent years with more companies realizing its benefits. For those who aren’t familiar, cloud marketing is a digital marketing method used by companies to market their goods across web-based services. This can include email, webpages, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. While traditional marketing once relied on TV, radios, and physical ads, cloud-based marketing does quite the opposite, shifting all ad efforts to cloud-based servers and tools.

The New Importance of Marketing with the Cloud

As the world has shifted to an online model, it has become more apparent that marketing must adapt as well. In fact, it has become essential for business’s success, otherwise they’re left behind in an increasingly digital world. In 2020 there was a significant turning point as the market saw most marketers turned to web-based applications for outreach rather than local programs. 

Topping the list of most useful cloud marketing components are multi-channel marketing automation, content management tools, social media tools, Cloud ERPs, lead tracking, and analytics. Each of these methods allows for flexibility and on-demand data that is useful for marketing efforts. For example, CRMs or social media ads are easy to track statistics and see what is working versus what does not working and adjust accordingly. 

Cloud marketing has transformed the market extensively. Issues that were once inevitable do not exist anymore, or, are incredibly easy to address. Brands are finding that cloud-based marketing allows for marketing that is not dependent on location, small and large companies have equal accessibility to marketing technology, and the ability to compile all data, synthesize it, and act on it in one place.

INdianapolis as a Marketing Tech Hub

Despite there being major tech hubs across the country, Indianapolis has still managed to emerge as one of the cloud marketing hubs. This midwestern city has quickly outpaced competitors like Silicon Valley and it all seemed to have been jumpstarted when Salesforce acquired ExactTarget, an Indianapolis bran, in 2013 for 2.3 billion. 

From there, the tech market in Indianapolis has grown exponentially. New Indianapolis startups and Indianapolis companies have popped up, hoping to make a name for themselves in the cloud marketplace. Also, funds from the 2013 ExactTarget deal and subsequent capital have continually been invested back into the local economy. With early on success in ExactTarget, investors have continued to keep their eye on the local market hoping to grab a piece of what’s coming next.


Serge Melki via Wikimedia Commons

Why INdianapolis?

In addition to the market, there are numerous other reasons Indianapolis has seen major success including the talent pool, culture, and resources for innovative companies to rise. For starters, Indianapolis, and much of the surrounding areas in Indiana, offer smaller town city feels rather than the giant, overcrowded alternatives we see in cities like California.


A comprehensive talent pool is vital for companies looking to thrive. Because Indianapolis can access thousands of high-quality graduates thanks to its proximity to Purdue, IU, and Notre Dame, the city has an amazing concentration of talent. This is the reason that major companies choose to settle down in Indianapolis or neighboring areas as there is direct access to great minds from all over the world.

Culture & Community

Indianapolis boasts plenty to do and represents a great work-life balance for all residents. Culture and community are two vital contenders when companies consider where to settle down roots and luckily, Indianapolis offers both in excess. From outdoor recreation to an ever-growing social scene, companies find incredible benefits in the form of reduced taxes as well as a bonus of better quality of life. 

Indianapolis is also known as a city changemakers and doers. Every sector, every corner of life in the small city is represented by passionate residents who seek better quality of life via increasing diversity, promotion health, or inactivating environmentally friendly policies. This city is constantly striving to be and do better.

Resources for Startups & entrepreneurs

Another contender that makes Indianapolis attractive to businesses is the ample resources available for those looking to make a name for themselves. With less competition, more space, and lighter taxes, it’s easy to see the pull for new companies. Not to mention, there are direct policies and laws aimed at helping entrepreneurial companies thrive. 

An example of this is when Indiana passed legislature that gave those who invested in state-approved venture capital firms twenty percent tax breaks. With business-friendly policies, it’s impossible not to compare to other states that offer little to no benefits for startups.

Companies Find Success in Indy

Given all of this information, it is no surprise that Indianapolis has swiftly risen in the cloud marketing space as a top contender. Companies that have seen success include the Wunderkind Corporation who has opened an operations center in Indianapolis. Wunderkind will bring over two hundred news jobs to the city by the year 2025 and will continue to expand on its $3.4 million investment in the city. ActiveCampaign, a leading martech company, also plans to double down on the city and is searching for 10,000 square feet of office space in downtown Indianapolis to continue its growth in the city.

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