R&D Lives in Indianapolis

Nicknamed the “Crossroads of America”, Indianapolis is well-connected to other Midwest cities and the rest of the country. Dozens of B2B tech companies have set up shop and entrepreneurs tend to stay for the long-term in this growing tech hub.



Ingram Micro




Roche Diagnostics


Dow Agrosciences

Amazon Web Services


Amazon Web Services


Top Companies have thousands of employees in Indianapolis

4th best in cost of doing business

$1.3B R&D Investment

$358M statewide startup investment in 2019

Indiana ranked #1 for Physical Infrastructure

“The Next Big Startup City”


Indianapolis is positioned among its region’s universities and their steady stream of over 35,000 graduating professionals each year.

Indianapolis Talent
Indianapolis Talent

30,000 information technology workers are employed in the Indy metro area.12

Indianapolis is home to high ranking Butler, IUPUI, And Marian.

The average age of the Indianapolis population is 33.59 with 30.4% bachelor degree or higher.10

A Top Ten City for Women in Tech


Indianapolis’ long-term fiscal stability and favorable regulatory environment make it a smart choice for investment and growth.

Indianapolis is headquarters to 6 fortune 1000 companies.

Indiana’s R&D at nearly $1.3 Billion, with 36% internal program funding.

30% of indianapolis tech workers are transplants, according to the Indianapolis Tech Census.

#4 Market for Future Tech Growth

:Quality of Life

World-class sports, food, and the great outdoors

#1 Physical Infrastructure in the Country


Indianapolis is a smart destination for businesses.

Averages 145 daily departures

to over 50 nonstop destinations.

2 hours or less to N.Y., Chicago, D.C. and Boston.

A Hotbed for B2B Startups

:Growing companies choose Indianapolis

Indiana’s strategic location and thriving industry sectors make it a proven choice for growing companies as they seek new locations for expansion and investment. Recent investment in the region includes:


Invested $40M and hiring 800 people by 2021



13K ft2
13,000 sq. ft. office and hiring 332 people by 2021


$47M + 120K ft2
To invest $47M on new 120K sq. ft. facility and hire 300 people by 2022


Active Campaign

To invest $10M+ over next several years and hiring 200 employees

Root Insurance Co


3K ft2
3,000 sq. ft. office space and hiring 100 people by 2023

Root Insurance Co

Cheetah Digital

16K ft2
16,000 sq. ft. office space and hiring 100 people by 2021

Root Insurance Co


786K ft2
786,000 sq. ft. campus on 141-acres and hiring 3,000 people by 2023



To invest $493K plus 36 new, high-wage jobs by 2023

Contour Airlines

To establish aircraft base plus significant investment & 55 jobs



To diversify with $158 million investment and 350 jobs by 2024



65 new jobs
First U.S. operations expanding to Indiana & 65 new jobs by 2024



$700M investment in Princeton operations plus 150 jobs by 2023

5th Best State Regulatory Environment

:Strategic Sectors

Advanced Manufacturing

  • State’s automotive industry comprised of 5 major OEM assembly plants, over 500 automotive suppliers, and 128.8K workers
  • +93,000 manufacturing jobs since 2009
  • $36.6B in manufactured goods exports (2017)
  • 2nd largest by GDP in the U.S.
  • 2nd in overall U.S. production

Life Sciences

  • One of the top five states for the number of companies, concentration of companies, and total number of life sciences industry jobs
  • 2nd highest national concentration of biopharmaceutical jobs
  • One of only two states with specialized employment concentration in four of the five major subsectors
  • Warsaw, IN: Orthopedics Capital of the World

Aerospace and Aviation

  • The Institute for Advanced Composite Manufacturing
  • Purdue University Research Park: home to one of five national IACMI composite research centers
  • Notre Dame Turbomachinery Lab: $36M investment in collaboration with GE
  • Alcoa Aerospace Alloys: world’s largest aluminum-lithium plan
  • GE Aviation Leap Engine Assembly, 25K sq. ft plant

Logistics and Transportation

  • Shortest distance to median center of U.S. population
  • Highest rail tons of primary metals originated and terminated
  • 1st largest producer of truck trailers
  • 1st in pass-through highways
  • Home to second-largest global Fed-Ex air hub
  • Employs 100K workers at 1,500 distribution firms


  • Home to precision agriculture companies: Beck’s Hybrids, Corteva, Elanco, Solinftec
  • Data & research-driven solutions aimed at closing the global food gap
  • Innovations in research and technology
  • Transforming the Corn Belt to a new Tech Belt
  • Purdue University is the #1 National Biological/ Agricultural Engineering Program


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