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More Talent than Ever Before

As a growing company, you need reliable access to experienced talent. The good news is, you have more talent to choose from than ever before. You just need to know where to look — and we can help.

Company Connection

Find Your City

We work closely with your leadership team to understand your talent and space needs, budget targets, business goals and company culture. Then we’ll help you find the right city based on a wide variety of data, including regional talent pools, cost, infrastructure, operational logistics, and a firsthand look at the local culture.

Select Your Location

Our on-the-ground city directors provide very local insights on what regions within a city have to offer as well as invaluable connections to change-makers.

Connect with Talent

In addition to accessing untapped talent pools in cities with thriving university ecosystems, leverage our connective network through our virtual recruiting fairs. Our network includes talent local to specific regions, tech looking to relocate for better QOL, and remote-only talent.

“We quickly expanded from one city into the perfect second location. All thanks to One America Works!”


The future of work

Leading companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce are expanding their operations to new cities all across America, in order to gain better access to the talent and resources their fast-growing business needs to thrive. But you don’t need to be a tech giant to enjoy these benefits.

Our site selection concierge service helps your team navigate location decisions with extensive city data and on-the-ground support.

City Analytics

City Analytics

One America Works’ City Analytics is a sophisticated data tool for helping companies make location decisions. Paired with the concierge service of our on-site city directors, we provide the guidance companies need for strategic expansion.

City Quickviews

data-driven location decisions

Our city data sheets give you an overview of cities identified for high-growth. Key metrics include cost, talent, quality of life, and connection. Also gain insights on recent investments and strategic sectors.


On-the-Ground City Directors

One America Works has built out a network of in-city support team members and services that allow companies to quickly gather key information and plug into the local ecosystem. Our extensive local connections help growing companies at each step of the process from selecting a location to recruiting talent.

It’s Easy to Get Started

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Dallas Tech Ecosystem Guide

Dallas Tech Ecosystem Guide

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The Talent Debate: Quality vs Cost

The Talent Debate: Quality vs Cost

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Content Strategy // Visible to admin only

Primary Audience:
HR Leadership

Secondary Audience:

Page Purpose:
To encourage HR Leadership from Tech companies to contact OAW and find out more about how we can help them expand their teams. 

Content Themes:
Connection: Connecting companies with the Cities that will benefit them the most and the Talent that will help their businesses succeed is where OAW Shines. We need to quickly and effectively explain how OAW provides these deep, actionable connections. 
Fixer (concierge): Once connections have been made, a city expert (director) from OAW will play fixer for the company, showing them around the potential city, getting them the data they need to make an truly informed decision and creating a clear pathway fro forward movement and expansion, even down to office location identification and help securing space. 
Data-Driven Decision Making: HR leaders need to prove out their decision to leadership and often, their board. OAW’s database of city and talent empowers HR leadership to make good, solid decisions.
Getting Started: Getting started is as easy as contacting OAW. An example roadmap of what will happen thereafter is useful to this audience.

Graphic Explanations: Graphic or animated explanation of the part OAW plays in matching companies with cities and talent that showcases that connection from a perspective that favors the company can be an effective and quick way of explaining the benefits of OAW to users quickly and easily.
Clear, benefits-first explanation of offerings: From database access to concierge service, to talent acquisition, all the various ways in which OAW helps companies connect to cities and talent should be clearly explained and touted.
Proof points: Overcoming the perception of “more of the same” will be important. Showcasing a success story or success story white papers, or stats on expansion or relocation successes facilitated by OAW will be pivotal in decision making.
Clear CTAs: Connect with Us CTAs should be positioned in focal areas of the page, providing clear pathways for users to reach out easily and with little friction. The resulting contact form should have as few required elements as biz dev can tolerate.

New Content Needed:
-Benefits description/depiction
-Success story white paper for download
-Testimonial video with written abstract and pull quote