If this is truly one of the most difficult times for companies to hire talent, how can smaller tech companies and startups compete with the likes of Meta, Google, or Amazon? Big companies offer big pay. But smaller companies can still win the talent war by employing new, creative tactics.

Almost every company is being forced to re-evaluate hiring practices right now. Perks that prioritize employee wellness and help them find purpose are more in style than open-concept workspaces. Employers who lean into this are offering something intangible, but often more valuable than money.

Additionally, things like vision, impact, flexibility, and innovation are important weapons for smaller companies. Individuals at smaller startups can have a more direct impact on products and services. At a smaller company like Capsule, employees are given more responsibility and independence which can ultimately “accelerate their pace of learning and career growth faster than would otherwise be possible in a larger organization,” according to CEO and Founder Eric Kinariwala. Or, these startups can offer more in the way of professional development. At Zebra Technologies, Senior Talent Acquisition Leader, Denyse Pashup, boasts about the company’s “large investment in training and developing our talent across the organization.”

Of course, remote work trends can play a role, too. Big tech companies are struggling with what to do with their large physical office spaces, in some cases, companies are implementing raise caps for non-local employees. Companies with a distributed work model are going to continue to be competitive strictly because of that flexibility. Now at a company like Capsule or Zebra, you can work on something you’re passionate about from anywhere in the world.

David really does have a chance against Goliath.

Learn more about how startups can compete with major tech companies for talent in this edition of The Mid-Point.

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  • How to Compete with FAANG for Tech Talent
  • Big Tech Rejecting Remote Work Could Cost Them Talent Back
  • Best Places to Work 2022: Mid-Size Startups
  • Help Employees Find Purpose – Or Watch Them Leave
  • Fintech Companies are Hiring! Join us at our virtual spring event.

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