Summer, sunshine and the relentless pursuit of building the future.

In the startup world, the summer is notorious for being the absolute worst time to do one thing – fundraise. The myth goes something like… “all of the venture capitalists are on their yachts touring Mykonos, Nice, and the rest of the mediterranean sea.” And while the (a few) of these VC’s are taking holiday around the Med, the entrepreneurs are still hustling as hard as ever growing their business.

No matter which type of summer you’re having, the one filled with holidays or the one filled with hustle-days, we’ve got you covered with more of Heartland innovation successes and the people behind the stories.

From Atlanta to Milwaukee and from opportunity funds to robotics, The Mid-Point’s Summer Series will give you plenty to listen to and learn about all of the action happening across the country. Make sure to tune in on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or wherever you prefer to listen to your favorite podcasts.

Steve Case is one of America’s best-known and most accomplished entrepreneurs, and a pioneer in making the Internet part of everyday life.

Michael Taylor

Mike drops wisdom on validating your idea, finding a better way to build and advice on how founders can successfully build their networks.

Company: Duality

Location: Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh on track for standout VC year

Aaron George

Hear more about how Aaron reached out to his network to reinvent and pivot from crisis to opportunity

Company: Supply Now

Location: Cleveland



Electric Battery Company Building $2.6B Plant in Atlanta

Ana Kraft

Anna discusses her approach to growing her team of investors and approach to building relationships.

Company: Xena Workwear

Location: Milwaukee


Electric Battery Company Building $2.6B Plant in Atlanta

Josh Sanchez

Join in the episode to hear Josh’s insight on focus, growth, capital and the discovery of new opportunities.

Company: FloatMe

Location: San Antonio


Electric Battery Company Building $2.6B Plant in Atlanta

William Kaigler

Will offers critical advice throughout this episode on his philosophy on solving customers problems and adapting to risk

Company: sovaSage

Location: Pittsburgh


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