One of the unique things about Dallas is that it seemed to spring up in the middle of nowhere. Most major metropolitan areas are built around major ports, rivers, and other strategic location qualities. Not Dallas. However, its tech scene has been meticulously cultivated, now housing innovative companies, high-quality talent, and growing industries.


Quality of Life

CompTIA’s Tech Town Index for 2020 declared Dallas as the number two city in the nation for tech professionals to live and work. This is largely due to job opportunities and livability in Dallas. Not only can people find high quality jobs, they can enjoy lower costs of living along with things like a vibrant live music scene or professional sports teams.


SaaS Companies See Success

Over 80% of high tech companies in Texas are business-to-business software companies. Stack Sports is a SaaS company providing sports organizations and clubs like the NFL and USSF with management products. Recently, Arcade raised $4.5 million in a seed round to help expand its incentivized gamification platform for sales teams. According to Dallas Innovates, they offer a proprietary approach based on an SaaS solution that intelligently gamifies the workplace and can really “move the needle” for a business.


A Foothold in Telecom

Telecommunications is one of the fastest-growing tech sectors. Thanks to a global pandemic and a rapidly virtualizing world, telecommunications is more important than ever for company growth and success. The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area houses several telecom-related companies, like MetroPCS, Fujitsu and Cisco Systems. This industry is a central pillar of the local economy and cultivated an ecosystem that has created integrated solutions for many other industries.


At One America Works, we support emerging tech hubs from coast to coast. Learn more about Dallas’ tech identity in this issue of The Midpoint.

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Why Dallas? Telecoms and software companies have thrived here historically, while cybersecurity firms are gathering in clusters here as well. Beyond the successful commercial scene lies a place where art, education, and sports have deep roots and are rich in local culture. 

Telecommunications is one of the fastest-growing tech sectors right now. Due to Covid-19 and the rapidly virtualized world of the 21st century, telecom is more important than ever for company expansion. Dallas is quickly becoming a Telecom Tech Hub, and already houses several telecom-related companies, like MetroPCS, Fujitsu and Cisco Systems.

As of July 2020, the expanding tech labor pool and rise in the population of millennials have resulted in DFW ranking in the top five for the most prominent tech talent in the country. In addition to younger millennials flooding the Dallas tech arena, those who previously worked in San Francisco or other Tech areas are moving to the Dallas Fort Worth region for lower living costs and vibrant culture. Read more

Every year, Dallas Startup Week brings together entrepreneurs and change-makers for a week-long experience where they exchange ideas, collaborate, and grow alongside the 10th largest startup ecosystem in the US.

Over the past seven years, Dallas Startup Week has grown to an event with 21 tracks, evening special events, multiple summits including the Women of Innovation Summit, and Disrupt Dallas, a summit that focuses on advocating and celebrating minority entrepreneurs. Read More

OAW Partner News

Tune in to Comeback Capital’s Virtual Series to hear from some of the nation’s leading investors, entrepreneurs and VCs on investing and partnering with startups. In a Live Pitch on July 20 (1:30-3:00 ET), Minnesota-area startups will compete for coastal investment from top New York and San Francisco VCs. Vote for your favorite venture in this unique blend of Shark Tank and Hollywood Squares! Read More


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