Diversity and inclusion in the workplace continue to be an ongoing challenge within the tech industry, specifically as it relates to the LGBTQ+ community. Authentic inclusion plays an important role in supporting fast-growing tech hubs looking to maintain or enhance their tech economies and attract or retain talent.

For aspiring tech hubs, the case for LGBTQ+ inclusion is made clear by a report from Open for Business. There are three main areas where a city’s competitive edge can be boosted through inclusion:


1. Innovation

Reports from the Brookings Institute, The World Bank, OECD, and others demonstrate that the capacity for innovation is a key element in boosting cities’ overall competitiveness. Inclusion plays into this because when Open for Business analyzed data on LGBTQ+ inclusion and potential for innovation for 100 cities, they found higher levels of LGBTQ+ inclusion positively correlated with the innovation potential.


2. Talent and skills

Growing tech hubs’ competitiveness in the global economy requires having enough people with advanced education and high-level skills. Evidence from 123 cities shows that almost every top-performing city in terms of talent is also seen as highly LGBTQ+ inclusive, partly due to tolerance attracting skilled workers.


3. Quality of living

When thinking not only of competitive cities that attract talent, but retain it, quality of living becomes important and goes hand-in-hand with LGBTQ+ inclusion. Cities that rank at the top for quality of living are all LGBTQ+ inclusive environments according to Open for Business criteria.


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