What does connectivity truly mean in the context of a city? At One America Works, we believe it is social, technical, and structural networks. Cities ranking highly for connectivity will boast a collaborative tech community that works together, infrastructure that creates connections within and outside of the community, and high accessibility to things like broadband that make economies work better. 

Social Networks
With the movement and migration of tech workers across the country, communities that can easily plug people into the tech community through social networks will have an easier time retaining that talent. In Atlanta, there is a rich ecosystem of groups and events that foster networking opportunities for a variety of populations. Does your city have resources and connections to support the diverse identities of your tech community? 

Technical Networks
As tech companies explore non-coastal cities for their growth, many need to consider places that can accommodate the need for high-speed internet and connectivity . Will companies, remote workers, and others have access to the internet speeds necessary to make them successful? In Kansas City, the arrival of Google Fiber to provide fast internet access helped its startup village thrive with additional attention and investments for entrepreneurs.

Structural Networks
The infrastructure in place that connects a city internally and externally should factor into decisions about moving. Many individuals will want to be in a place that is centrally located, making it easy for travel – professionally or leisurely. The Indianapolis International Airport consistently ranks highly among domestic airports, and the City is continuing to invest in public transit to make getting around Indy even easier.

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  • Tapping into the best network for your career
  • Kansas City startups meet coastal venture capitalists
  • Jobs in Revolution’s hot startup network 
  • The Bridge: Investing inside the coasts

When thinking of a career change, your peer network is one of the key factors that determines your ability to thrive. The right city can serve as the place to dive into or refine your skills in a technology subsector while naturally enabling you to be part of the right networks. Technology jobs in niche industries are setting the stage for some of the best cities for a good quality of life. But how do you find the places with the networks that will be best for you? Read More

Comeback Capital and gener8tor are kicking off their national investment tour. First up, Kansas City.

Tune in on October 5th at 1:30pm EST to learn about the state of the ecosystem and to watch up-and-coming Kansas City startups – Epigraph, Kadogo, Techmate, Veeper – as they pitch coastal VCs: Village Global, NextGen Venture Partners, Expa, GGV Capital, MAVA Ventures &  Revolution. Register Here

Revolution seeks to partner with passionate entrepreneurs upending traditional industries with innovative products and services where we believe our unique areas of specialized expertise will help create significant value.

And they look outside of Silicon Valley to find such opportunities. Nearly 75 percent of all venture capital investment goes to just three states: California, New York, and Massachusetts. At Revolution, we focus on venture communities in high-potential geographies because we know from experience that while talent is well distributed, opportunity is not. Check out open career opportunities within their network

Connecting local talent with coastal investment

Scott Shane brings decades of experience as a professor, investor, and currently serves as Managing Director of Comeback Capital. Comeback Capital operates on the belief that you don’t need to leave to build your company.  You can do it right here in the Midwest. 

Comeback Capital has assembled an all-star group of coastal and local LP’s who share our passion and belief that great companies have been and will continue to be built in the Midwest. In addition to capital, Comeback Capital portfolio companies benefit from connections to advisors from more established startup markets.

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