Over the last few months, One America Works has kicked into gear with innovative events and activities directly supporting tech talent, tech companies, and growing tech hubs. As the decentralization of the tech sector and its workers continues, our team continues to find ways to help tech firms and professionals navigate a new world of work.

Beginning in March, OAW facilitated a one-of-a-kind months-long virtual recruitment event for fintech companies and professionals. We helped companies access tech talent far outside of historic hubs like New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. We sought out individuals with skills and experience in the financial and/or technology sectors and reviewed hundreds of professionals in more than 90 cities and regions across the country. Afterward, we set up introductions between the talent and participating employers which led to over 200 interviews and 10 reported job placements so far.

On the other hand, our work to promote growing tech hubs and help communicate a value proposition to workers and companies continued this month in Pittsburgh. OAW and the City of Pittsburgh teamed up to assemble tech entrepreneurs, city officials, venture capitalists and workers in the city’s innovation economy. Recently-elected Mayor Gainey participated in various panels and Q&A sessions that tackled how to build on the city’s strengths as a technology hub and make the tech sector an even bigger driver of its economy.

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Inside this issue

  • Need Fintech Workers? Look Beyond Wall Street and Silicon Valley
  • The Global Startup Ecosystem Index
  • Startups in Columbus, Ohio are Thriving and Hiring
  • Chicago, Atlanta Continue Their Tech Hiring Momentum in 2022
  • Save the Date! OAW’s Next Virtual Recruitment Event

From payment apps to virtual banks to the blockchain and more, the U.S. financial technology sector now plays a critical role in the wider financial system that underpins our entire economy. To keep growing, fintech firms need talented professionals with sector experience or have transferable skills from existing jobs in finance or technology. But where can fintech employers find these talented professionals? You might assume they’re highly concentrated on the East and West coasts, in traditional finance and technology hubs like Wall Street and Silicon Valley. But actually, that’s not the case. The truth is, you’ll find just as much fintech talent – and quite possibly more – in smaller cities in the middle of the country. Read More

The StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Index highlights the best places to start businesses and shows where thriving communities of entrepreneurs already exist to support and guide entrepreneurs. Since startup ecosystems are constantly evolving, we update this index every year based on the availability of newer data. For now, we have researched and presented all relevant information here. Read More

Amid a wave of nationwide tech layoffs, tech hubs like Columbus, Ohio are still seeing growth and hiring for the future. There’s little doubt Columbus, Ohio is becoming one of the fastest growing tech hubs – not just in the Midwest, but in the country. And with that comes the challenges of finding and hiring a proper workforce. Now in 2022, Columbus is a growing ecosystem of tech talent, startup pros, active venture capital firms, and Silicon Valley expats. Read More

Chicago and Atlanta aren’t widely viewed as “traditional” tech hubs on the level of Silicon Valley or New York City, but both cities are enjoying a lot of tech-hiring momentum right now. Based on job-posting data from the past 90 days provided by Emsi Burning Glass, we can see that New York City remains the nation’s hungriest metro area for tech talent, with Chicago and Atlanta right behind. San Francisco and Austin—longtime tech centers—rounded out the top five. Read More

Robotics & Automotive Recruiting Event

One America Works is hosting a Robotics and Automotive Virtual Recruiting Fair throughout the month of July! Click here for more information or to register.