It’s great to be on the road again!

One America Works recently convened a series of in-person events in Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania bringing together tech startups, venture capital investors, policymakers and other stakeholders in the innovation economy.

It was, in a word, inspirational. Even in today’s challenging economy, tech startups in the Silicon Heartland are growing, hiring and growing some more. And the founders of these firms are being supported by visionary investors from all across the country, some in the heartland and others based in more traditional tech hubs on the East and West Coasts.

After all, Silicon Valley is more than a place–it’s a trust network. And at One America Works, we’re determined to expand that trust network outside the coasts and into the middle of the country, so that tech sector investment and jobs will follow.

In the next two editions of the Mid-Point, we’re going to share some highlights from our Columbus-Pittsburgh road trip.

This week, we’ll focus on our work in Columbus – anchored by the Connecting the Coasts to the Heartland conference – and share some other exciting news from Ohio’s innovation economy. 

Enjoy the latest developments from the Buckeye State and stay tuned for more news from Pittsburgh in our next edition.

Inside this issue

  • ‘Back In the Game’: Hundreds of Tech Investors and Startups Hold Midwest Summit to Create More Innovation Jobs
  • Silicon Chip Manufacturing is Booming in Columbus, Ohio
  • OAW Job Board Reveals Exciting New Opportunities in Columbus
  • Partner Event: The Heritage Group Accelerator’s Hardtech Showcase

Investors, founders and other tech sector professionals from more than 150 cities and 30 states attended the Connecting the Coasts to the Heartland conference on October 19. It was an intensive day of networking, dealmaking and mentorship designed to help talented tech entrepreneurs in the middle of the country find willing investors, and vice versa.

Silicon Valley, the most famous innovation hub in the world, is more than just a place, McKenna said. It’s a “trust network” that can extend far beyond the San Francisco Bay area if the right conditions are in place. Those conditions are taking hold in Ohio, which presents a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to reverse decades of economic hardship, said Chris Berry, president and CEO of OhioX. Read More

Intel recently announced plans to build a $20 billion factory just outside Ohio’s capital, which will create thousands of jobs and strengthen Columbus’s position as a leading tech hub in the United States. This is great news for the city’s economy and for the thousands of people who are now employed in the silicon industry.

Silicon Valley has long been known as the center of the tech world, but Columbus, Ohio is quickly becoming a contender for the title. Silicon is a key component of semiconductors, which are used in a wide range of electronic devices. Columbus’ silicon manufacturers supply semiconductors to companies all over the world, establishing themselves as a vital part of the global tech supply chain. Read More

Interested in joining one of the companies growing in the Columbus region? We have hundreds of open roles including positions in Sales, HR & Engineering. Check out all of the open roles here.