These are difficult times for the tech sector. Big names like Amazon, Meta and Twitter are announcing layoffs in the tens of thousands as continued post-pandemic uncertainty hangs over the global economy.

But in times like these, it’s worth remembering Sylvester Stallone’s iconic quote from Rocky Balboa: “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

In this phase of the economic cycle, it’s all about resilience, which is just a fancy word for tough. And the cities of the Silicon Heartland know all about tough – which is why I’m excited to see continued growth and innovation among tech entrepreneurs and investors in the middle of the country.

A perfect example is Pittsburgh, where One America Works recently hosted an event on how to make the city’s strengths as a tech hub even stronger. We brought entrepreneurs, investors and other players in the region’s tech ecosystem together to discuss access to capital, talent development and the city’s “brand” as an innovation hub.

Demand for talent, especially in the city’s cutting-edge robotics and automation sector, remains strong. The tech sector isn’t a monolith, so while some firms may be shedding jobs, other firms – especially rising startups – are adding jobs.

In fact, the Pittsburgh Robotics Network recently noted that even after the closure of two robotics startups, with a combined total of 800 employees, there are still 1,000 open positions across other firms in the region’s robotics sector.

That’s resilient, that’s tough, that’s Pittsburgh. And that’s why the people and places of the Silicon Heartland keep going from strength to strength.

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As layoffs roil Silicon Valley, tech industry experts met in Pittsburgh recently to discuss the needs of startups and other innovative firms in the middle of the country to ensure their continued growth. The Oct. 20 event, hosted by One America Works, focused on how to bolster tech ecosystems in non-coastal cities, building on the existing strengths that make them successful in good economic times and resilient in challenging economic times. Read More

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OAW Event: Virtual Robotics Recruitment

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