Where Should You Expand Your Company?

There is a lot that goes into choosing a location for company expansion. Businesses look at a number of factors including cost, talent availability, quality of life, and connectivity. To make it easier for growing companies to research potential cities and highlight up-and-coming tech hubs, we created the City Selector Tool. The four main categories of data points are explained further below:


Growing businesses and startups need to know whether they can find the resources and capital they need to be successful. Filter through several data points regarding cost of doing business and market opportunity.

Access to Talent

Expansion is usually accompanied by hiring. Make sure your new location can meet your talent needs with higher education institutions and talent migration efforts.

Quality of Life

There are a lot of quality of life factors to consider. Will your current and future staff appreciate green spaces, affordable housing, arts and culture? Select from a variety of metrics to narrow down your search.


From appropriate levels of internet connection and bandwidth to easy access to nearby cities or markets, connectivity can make or break it for some companies. Be informed about locations that meet your needs.

With customizable reports from dozens of data points and information from hundreds of US cities, you can use our City Selector Tool to narrow down options for expansion in minutes. At One America Works, we support emerging tech hubs, growing companies, and talented individuals. Learn more about company expansion in this issue of The Mid-Point.

Inside this issue

  • Airbnb Opens Tech Hub in Atlanta, Bringing Hundreds of Jobs
  • Clubhouse Discussion: Making Dollars While Making Change
  • MedTech Finds a Home in Nashville
  • Companies & Talent Discovering New Tech Hubs

San Francisco-based Airbnb is expanding to Atlanta, the latest West Coast tech titan to move here amid a diversity hiring push. It joins Microsoft, Apple, Comcast and other tech companies to choose Atlanta for expansions, new partnerships and charitable giving recently, with much of the focus on the city’s Black workforce.

Airbnb wants to increase underrepresented minorities to 20% of its U.S workforce by 2025, up from 12% now, according to Laphonza Butler, the company’s public policy director. Airbnb also wants women to make up half its global workforce by 2025, up from about 47% now.

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One America Works was selected to take part in a fireside chat at this year’s SXSW Online Conference. In the session “Making Dollars While Making Change,” entrepreneur Jonathan Quarles and I (Patrick McKenna) talk about purpose-driven entrepreneurship and the importance of building double and triple-bottom line businesses.

This session was highly successful; it had the most registrations of any event at SXSW. As a followup, there will be a viewing party today (3/18) at 1 PM PT, followed by a live Q&A session on Clubhouse at 2PM PT. We’d love for you to join the conversation!

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What was long considered the city of music and barbecue has become a hub for the intersection of healthcare and technology. Companies are leveraging the entrepreneurial drive of Nashville to create and scale startups around healthcare tech.

Recently, some big names in healthcare have grown and solidified their presence in Nashville. For example, SmileDirectClub, headquartered in Nashville, announced plans to grow its investment in one of the fastest growing tech cities in the US. The $3.2 billion dollar company announced a $217 million investment in 2019. This will ultimately add nearly 2,100 jobs to middle Tennessee.

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Companies & Talent Discovering New Tech Hubs

New HQ for pharmacy solutions firm will add 420 jobs in Indiana

iA plans to create up to an additional 420 new, high-wage jobs in central Indiana by the end of 2023. “With a thriving tech ecosystem and history of life sciences excellence, Indiana is the perfect place for companies like iA to establish its home base,” said Governor Eric J. Holcomb.

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NTT Data picks Nashville for its digital innovation center; $9.9M investment will create 350 jobs

NTT Data Services, a global technology firm, says it will make Nashville the home of its new digital innovation center. The company, which has several offices across the U.S., will invest $9.9 million and create 350 jobs with a focus on healthcare and manufacturing technology.

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Phoenix leads nation with biggest net inflow in 2020

Nationwide, 27.8% of Redfin.com users looked to move to another metro area in 2020, according to a new report. That’s up from 25.5% in 2019, a 9% year-over-year increase. The city with the biggest net inflow of new residents in 2020 was Phoenix.

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Pittsburgh-Area Town Named One Of Nation’s Best To Work From Home

PCMag ranked the small borough just east of Pittsburgh the nation’s seventh-best location to be a remote worker. Only 50 U.S. and 10 Canadian cities and towns, all with median house prices under $500,000, made the list.

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