Remote work is changing where we decide to live. As more people choose to work remotely, many are acknowledging they don’t have to stay in the same expensive cities their employers tend to be based.

If you can do a task anywhere and be productive, why endure an environment with a high cost of leaving, nearly affordable rent, and teeming commute?

There are fast-growing tech cities that are good for remote work-at-home jobs. If you are finding it difficult to determine a good place to settle in, this article will give you detailed information on some of best places to live if you are able to work remotely.

Americans’ Work & Life Priorities have Changed 

Working from home is not just a temporary trend, it’s here to stay. Before the pandemic, only 21 percent of the workforce was working from home.

However, a survey by Upwork and Statista shows that now over 37 percent of U.S. employees will work remotely through the next five years. There are numerous benefits from operating in your comfort zone, to the point where many individuals have changed their priorities for how and where to live and work due to the shift to a more remote economy.

Working from home provides workers with a lot more flexibility and freedom than a typical office job. For example, it gives employees more options on where they can put down roots and buy a home.  Work-life balance can be restored without a daily commute, and people can plan activities each day to suit to suit both  home life and work. Many folks enjoy more quality time with  family, or appreciate being able to  schedule medical appointments with increased flexibility.

Today lots of firms are open to hiring people who work remotely. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, reports exhibit that in this past year, the percentage of work that can be adequately done from home increased by 42 percent. Remote and flexible work options are here to stay for millions of Americans.

Cities that Stand Out for Remote Working

There are many places to live in but some are certainly better for remote work than others. If you are working virtually, you need fast and reliable internet to stay connected to your job. You need fun things to do in your free time. Many folks crave a social network with friends and family nearby and an inclusive, welcoming community. 

Some remote talent might be interested in the several smaller cities and towns that are offering cash incentives for the digital nomads that are fleeing larger, crowded cities to relocate to their regions. For example, Greensburg Indiana is offering $5,000 cash along with other lifestyle benefits, including a membership to a local co-working space and gift cards to the seasonal farmers’ market, to workers that settle down there.  Many of these cities also attract talent that is looking for financial relief from bigger cities with high costs of living. Young adults that are plagued with college debt are more likely to establish financial security and enjoy milestones like owning a home in smaller, more affordable cities.

If you’re thinking of working remotely, here are some of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S that are the friendliest towards remote workers:  

Columbus, OH

This takes the number one spot for the best remote cities to work in. It is known for many things and it is a community where remote workers can thrive. Recently, Columbus has developed a reputation as a growing Smart City with continuous investments in smart applications and transportation infrastructure that will be supported by smart technology. It was named amongst the world’s seven most intelligent communities in early 2015 for its brain gain, economic and employment growth, and technological advances by The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF).

For your off-work hours, it offers a variety of places to explore like the professional football hall of fame, the metropolitan library, and the art museum. It is an easy place to reside and you can also afford to do things. If you adore fashion, you’ll have plenty of options because it is the third most fashion-forward city in the country. 

Grand Rapids, MI

Moving to Michigan can be a great career move for many tech workers, and Grand Rapids is seen as a great place to grow a career. There is a high number of startup companies that have begun and grown there in the past few years. It is one of the best cities for remote workers because of its affordability and ease of finding a well-paying job allowing talent to settle down comfortably.

Additionally, there are tons of entertainments and events that take place here throughout the year with different recreational areas for biking and hiking. The city also boasts many nightlife options such as lounges, clubs, and restaurants. If you fancy indoor activities there are museums and malls for you to tour.

Bellingham, WA

For remote workers, Bellingham offers high-speed internet that can support more than two persons at once, networking opportunities, and sufficient alternatives for continuing education.

Its natural beauty and recreation activities will help you keep up motivation and work in a well-organized way at your remote job. If you get bored, you can hop on your bike to see the Whatcom falls park, a 241-acre that features tennis and basketball courts, a fishing derby pond, and a fish hatchery.

Key Decisionmaking Factors

Having the ability to work on your own terms and comfortability is an incredibly freeing feeling everyone dreams of having. Suddenly you can settle anywhere in the world without being limited to a particular city. This gives remote workers the liberty to make a choice but how do you pick a place that will be suitable for your well-being?

What Can You Afford?

This is the first aspect to look at in everything you do. Having a budget saves you the pain of spending the money you don’t have and owe it to your credit card. Generally, this is a problem many people face in their everyday life. You need to make a list to know how far you can go with the project and what you can afford to have.

Will You Be Connected?

Social connection is an important factor to look into when searching for a new home. Whether that means being connected to a neighborhood community or one’s family and friends, many people value those connections and will seek a hometown that brings them close to those people. Connection also implies digital and technical connections that make it possible to truly embrace the digital nomad life