Three rapidly growing tech hubs across the US competed in a one-of-a-kind event where cities pitched talent in a competition hosted by One America Works. These thriving tech economies – Pittsburgh, Columbus and Indianapolis – are all striving to appeal to an audience of tech workers in the current economy. During this event, each city described all the reasons why remote workers should want to move there and call them home.

 Indy boasts booming sports and marketing technology ecosystems, highly-ranked quality of life characteristics, affordability, and is home to some of the world’s most innovative companies. Many people are relocating to this Midwestern city to advance their careers and grow in their personal endeavors.

Here’s What Indianapolis officials and Stakeholders had to say about their city during the pitch competition:

The Best kept Secret in Tech

  • Indy residents can enjoy living in one of the many vibrant, growing neighborhoods, each with it’s own unique identity and features.
  • Outside of work, folks can experienced world-class sporting events, attend concerts, or participate in a number of cultural events that produce a big-city feel in mid-size geography.
  • Thanks to the work of community partners and advocates like TechPoint, Indy ranks highly as one of the best cities for remote workers and places to find a job in tech.

Active tech Networks for Talent

  • Looking for a career in tech is warm and welcoming instead of intimidating with communities of professionals and networking events from organizations like PowderKeg and others.
  • Finding the right job that matches your current skillsets and allows you to grow professionally and advance your career is easy in Indianapolis as it is home to some of the most innovative companies in the tech space.
  • Not only in Indianapolis a tech hub in general, but it specializes in areas like marketing tech and sports tech. Folks can come here to connect with those industries and be a part of some of the biggest players in these niches – like Salesforce and Techstars.

Central Location & Connectivity

  • There are dozens of companies that have committed to growth in Indiana, and many of those will offer in-person and remote or flexible options for staff. The connectivity in the city allows employees more options to create a work schedule that meets their needs. 
  • Cities like Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Nashville, and more are just a short drive away for vacationing, visits, and more. 

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