Three rapidly growing tech hubs across the US competed in a one-of-a-kind event where cities pitched talent in a competition hosted by One America Works. These thriving tech economies – Pittsburgh, Columbus and Indianapolis – are all striving to appeal to an audience of tech workers in the current economy. During this event, each city described all the reasons why remote workers should want to move there and call them home.

People from all over the world are moving to Pittsburgh for the growing robotics scene, world-class sports teams, affordable housing, and of course, because it consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the US.  It is also home to top universities and innovative companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Many people are relocating to this Midwestern city to advance their careers and grow in their personal endeavors.

Here’s What Pittsburgh officials and Stakeholders had to say about their city during the pitch competition:

Join a Fast-Growing Company or Start your Own

  • Whether it is a tech giant like Google or Facebook, or unicorn startup Duolingo, there is plenty of opportunity to advance your career with some of the nation’s fastest growing companies. 
  • Pittsburgh is quickly becoming known for its cutting-edge innovation, especially in the autonomous vehicle industry. There are currently four AV companies designing, building, and test-driving these vehicles in the region.
  • The city supports creative entrepreneurship, and has aimed to increase access to venture capital for women and minorities to help scale innovative businesses.

Beautiful Landscapes to Enjoy

  • Three rivers surround the city of Pittsburgh and make it easy to enjoy activities like boating, kayaking, and fishing. 446 bridges also make it clear that water is a big part of life for residents.
  • There are over 400 miles of hiking and biking trails along with mountains for outdoor adventure-loving individuals.
  • Beyond the outdoors, there is a vibrant arts and music scene with 30 concert venues, including a grammy-winning symphony.

High Quality Living For a Fraction of the Cost

  • A house that costs about $1 million in the Valley is likely to cost about $250,000 in Pittsburgh. There are row houses in walkable neighborhoods and spacious houses in the suburbs just a few miles outside of downtown.
  • “Everything here is a fraction of the cost from the west coast, meaning you get to live more, keep more, and do more with your money here.” – Allison Treaster, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance

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