On the heels of the pandemic and as many people continue to adapt to the new world, many are facing the decision of where they’d like to advance their personal and professional goals. A place to call home. This can include young professionals, hoping to move to a slower pace of life where they can work remotely. It can also include older generations looking for a new beginning with the children out of the house and freedom to explore. Regardless of the reason someone is considering a move, it can be a daunting process to choose a new location. There is a lot that goes into choosing where to live, especially so when it comes to tech workers. 

Plenty of research has been done on how people choose where to live. Some reasons are predictable, such as employment opportunities and cost of living. No one wants to move to a new city where they cannot excel in their career path, or a location with an unstable job market. Similarly, most don’t want to move to a city with notoriously high costs of living. These and other factors can make it difficult to live a high-quality life. 

Other important factors that play a role in choosing include transportation options, remote working capabilities, and culture – things like nightlife, social events, restaurants, and similar activities. If a family has young children, well-rated school systems and safety will be top priorities as well. 

One America Works Surveys Tech Workers

Nearly one thousand people across the country employed in the tech sector responded to a survey that aimed to identify trends in the tech workforce coming out of the pandemic. In this case, the survey specifically focused on those that were employed in the United States’ high-tech sector, which includes software, information services and data, or scientific or technical services. Some of the results helped us analyze how workers are deciding where to live.

Respondents were asked how they choose where to live, and one of the top answers was climate. While it may not have been the first thing that comes to mind when deciding where to live in the past, weather has quickly risen on the list of priorities. This could be because it contributes to elements of quality of life that allow people to enjoy outdoor activities. The second leading factor in choosing where to live for those employed in the high-tech sector was affordability. Just as people sought comfortable climates, they also sought out comfort in cost of living and way of life. 

The survey also found that tech workers were leaning toward having more space and slower paced lifestyles, a trend on par with many remote-capable jobs across the country. In fact, 9% of the respondents stated that they lived in densely populated cities at the beginning of the pandemic, but they did not plant to remain there after the pandemic was over. Most indicated that they were heading for places that featured more wildlife as nature had become a priority for 46% of them.

Top Factors in Location Selection


Climate concerns have risen in sharp popularity, quickly becoming one of the top contenders when it comes to how you decide where to live. Whether you’re someone who wants to experience all the seasons, or you simply want summer all year long, climate can play a huge role in your happiness and well-being. 

People are diverse and have different versions of what is best, but you may find competition in some areas that affects the home buying process. For example, a Texas Climate or a Southern California Climate offer primarily sunny days. But with that, there is a lot of competition, which may impact your home buying. You may need to settle for a location that offers similar sunny days and warm temperatures, but without the fierce competition. 

It’s also important to remember when choosing a location that there are risks involved. Using the above Texas example, you may love the sunny days, but are you prepared for hurricane season and flooding potential? You may love the Pacific Northwest for its long winters, but will you truly be happy with grey skies for most of the year? Or will you grow tired of it in the summer months when it’s still raining? You will want to carefully consider both the pros and cons of each climate with locations that offer other benefits like affordability for the best place to live. 


Finding the best place to live with the best quality of life can be daunting at face value. With thousand of options and fast-growing tech cities across the country, factors like affordability seem impossible. However, as you continue narrowing down what you want, you’ll find that there are many affordable options offering low cost of livings, especially to those in the tech sector. 

When analyzing the cost of living, make sure to compare the cost of housing as this will be the primary out-of-pocket expense. It is almost always a better investment to purchase a home than to rent, but many don’t have the luxury. If you’re planning to rent, search for cities that are renter friendly and offer competitive rates. Also, look into transportation costs, which can include gas prices or public transportation fairs. Don’t forget to compare groceries, medical, and utilities as well. As you continue narrowing down the best place to live, don’t neglect cross-referencing the cost of living or you may find yourself in a worse situation than before.

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