Why does Nashville consistently get recognized as one of the best places to live in the US? Why is it ideal for young professionals  who value fun in their free time? Most importantly, what are the key advantages the city offers in quality of life characteristics that continues to attract businesses and talent?

Affectionately known as the Music City, Nashville is a place that thousands of tech workers are calling home, for good. There are a lot of reasons why. Outside of entertainment, the area is known for having competitive national sports teams, a solid economy and abundance of high-paying jobs, nationally-recognized music, and affordability. That affordability comes with a cost of living that’s 3% lower than the national average, a median monthly rent of about $900, healthcare costs sitting at 18% lower than national averages, and so much more. Beyond costs of living, what else is making Nashville a sweet place to live? Read on to find out.

Beloved Food and Drinks

Delicious food and drinks with character run deep in the blood of Nashville, and there is an abundance of both. Hot chicken is a popular favorite that started at Prince’s Hot Chicken, with a special hot sauce that differentiates the dish from so many others like it. Others prefer barbecue, and may want the Nashville experience at a restaurant like Edley’s Bar-B-Que or Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint.

Residents and visitors alike don’t struggle to find high-quality coffee in Nashville. Music City boasts more than its fair share of locally owned and operated coffee shops and roasters. One of the local favorites is Barista Parlor, a shop that thrives on its commitments to environmentally responsible sourcing and support of the local community through art and commerce.

Finally, good drinks are always available at Nashville’s many bars and restaurants. Well-crafted cocktails, drinks that have the best bang for a buck, and drinks with a fun place to socialize are only a short distance away at any given time for the city’s residents.

The Sound of Music Abounds

No city does music quite like the Music City; it’s a city built on a love and respect for music. Folks can watch some of the biggest stars in country music walk the red carpet at awards shows or play at dive bars on the weekends. A night at the Grand Ole Opry promises a one-of-a-kind lineup and experience with a unique history for all who visit, while the Bluebird Café offers an intimate setting to see the up-and-coming artists of the country music industry.

Music history and culture is everywhere in Nashville. Music Row offers a deep look into the heart of the industry, the place where recording studios saw and produced the likes of artists like Elvis and Dolly Parton. Others enjoy museums, and can frequent the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, world-renowned Johnny Cash Museum, and more!

Arts, Culture, and Sports to Enjoy

Residents of Nashville have so much more than food and music at their fingertips. Some say that Nashville is truly an “arts city”. There is a lot of truth to that, as Nashville boasts a burgeoning art scene where folks can immerse themselves in rich experiences including gallery visits, theatre productions, and more. Some may want to hit up the Frist Art Museum to admire the unique collection of paintings, sketches, and sculptures from renowned global artists. Others want to visit The Parthenon at Centennial Park that was built as a replica of the original Greek Parthenon.

Additionally, sports fans of all shapes and sizes can find a home in Nashville. The city is home to many professional sports teams from football and baseball to hockey and racing. With a diversity of professional sports at one’s fingertips, Nashville continues to draw attention at a national and international level.

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