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how it works attract top talent with a virtual recruiting event

City/Regional focused virtual recruiting events are a powerful tool for local economies to attract knowledge workers and future entrepreneurs to their city.

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Local companies join a single online virtual event, which OAW markets to a nationwide talent audience.


Your local firms post open position and interview qualified talent from across the nation.


These candidates can move to your city or work remotely for your hometown company and deliver economic value to your local firms.  

It’s easy to get started. Reach out to our team to learn more.

“I didn’t know it could be this easy to interview for high-level engineering positions at companies like Amazon, Astrobotic and Agility Robotics in one day.”

from Texas

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Primary Audience:
City Advocate

Secondary Audience:

Page Purpose:
To excite the City Advocate about the opportunities OAW can provide in terms of attracting talent to their city

Content Themes:
New Possibilities: OAW connects top tech talent to companies and cities through the virtual recruiting fairs, highlighting possibilities that talent might not have recognized otherwise.
Data-Driven Decision Making: OAW provides talent with much of the information they need to make a city attractive from a standard of living perspective. 
Connectivity: In its role of facilitator, OAW plays the part of trusted advisor, connecting cities, companies and talent.

A graphic representation of how OAW helps promote cities to top tech talent

An introduction to the virtual recruiting event, from the perspective of benefiting the cities

A description of the concierge service highlighting how the city directors work closely with advocates to curate great experiences for prospective companies that will bring top talent. 

Links out to city data pages. 

New Content Needed:
-Re-tooling the virtual recruiting event from the perspective of benefiting cities. 
-Concierge service description