We Connect Top Talent with High-Growth Companies Across The Country

High-powered jobs in tech are becoming available across the country as companies expand out of traditional tech hubs and hire remotely. Leveraging our relationships with these companies, we have connected thousands of folks with decision makers from Google, Dropbox and Facebook pursuing our mission to create job diversity across the country.

“Within an hour I had 1-on-1 conversations with 5 companies and landed my dream job at an amazing company, Niche.com!”

from California

“I didn’t realize how many awesome companies were hiring outside of areas like San Francisco and New York.”

from New Jersey

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Regional leaders in Columbus, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh will present their case for how their city can help you achieve the best quality of life and lowest costs of living, while opening doors for career opportunities that align with your interests.


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Data-Driven Relocation

Our city data sheets give you an overview of cities identified for high-growth. Key metrics include cost, talent, quality of life, and connection. Also gain insights on recent investments and strategic sectors.


Salt Lake City’s tech scene is spread across several neighborhoods with individual startup identities. The nearby ski slopes and plenty of outdoor activities attracts new residents and ensures long-term locals stay to build their careers.


A major city, home to Fortune 500 companies and the world’s largest airport, Atlanta has become a growing center of innovation and a place companies set up for long term growth.


With a long history of welcoming innovators and a large cluster of Fortune 500 company HQs, Chicago has more recently attracted a number of fintech, consumer and big data startups that are finding their growth in the Windy City. With plenty of museums, music, and food to keep residents entertained.
Built in Chicago

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HR Professionals

Page Purpose:
-To provide a high level understanding of the benefits OAW offers Talent
-To encourage users to register for Recruiting Events.
-To encourage users to contact OAW

Content Themes:
Possibilities: Illustrate the possibilities available to today’s tech talent: Emphasize the fact that distributed teams are becoming the new norm and that OAW helps top talent expand their careers on their terms.
Connections: Emphasize OAW’s ability to connect top tech talent with companies that will help them reach their career and standard of living goals.
Pathways to Offerings: Major offerings should be highlighted and clear CTAs should be available to lead users to that content.
-City Data Sheets
Proof Points: Testimonials or links to case studies that illustrate talent and company successes as well as city success stories should be called out on the Talent Page

-A clear, visual representation of the benefits of connecting with OAW.
-Engaging proof points that illustrate successful moves/career optimization
-Get Started VRE content.

New Content Needed:
-New visual assets
-New copy
-Case study whitepaper for download
-Case study abstract
-Video testimonial synopsis